Frequently Asked Questions

To assist you with this service we have a few frequently asked questions you may like to read before placing your order.

Where is your kitchen?

All our meals are prepared by hand from our kitchens in Hambledon, Nr Godalming.   During the lockdown, we will be updating our menus frequently in line with seasonal produce and availability.

Who prepares the food?

Head Chef - Jane Carnall and our cooking team.  Every dish, is prepared and overseen by Head Chef, Jane and COVID 19 restrictions are in place so, therefore we have limited volumes of stock for sale each week and our website will be updated with regularity.

How do we order? 

Your order must be in by 4 pm on the Tuesday of the week you would like delivery during  COVID 19 and this is because we have limited administration to support the ordering process at the moment.  As soon as we can, we will offer alternative delivery days.  If you make an order outside of this time, it will still process, but the delivery date will be for the following Friday. 

A the moment, all deliveries are on Friday in the week in which you place your order by 4pm on Tuesday. We cannot deliver unless payment has been received or you have an account set up with us externally.

If we don’t wish to pay online by card payment, can we pay by bank transfer?

Yes.  You will need to email us with your order to the email address provided on this website with a clear list of the items you wish to buy and your delivery address and contact number. We will then raise your invoice the week you are having delivery and email this to you directly.

How will we know when our order is confirmed?

When you make a payment you will receive confirmation of this and the order.  The delivery will be on the Friday of the week in which you make your order.

Can we change our order?

Yes, but we recommend that you cancel your first order, then prepare your order list before completing the transaction in full to avoid being charged twice if you wish to ‘add’ something to your original order as we have a minimum order value in place.

If you require any assistance, please email 

Without payment we cannot deliver so it is upto you to finalise the transaction process if this is the way you wish to pay.

Can we order anytime for a delivery?

Yes you can. If you have missed our 4pm deadline we will simply process your order for you and delivery will be made at the earliest opportunity for you thereafter.   

How far do you deliver?

We are delivering within 15 miles of our kitchen in Hambledon, Nr Godalming. GU8 4DR.

Do you have set times / routes that for deliveries setup?

Not yet.  We are currently delivering Friday after 10.30 am and before 2.30pm.  Our delivery team is known trusted members of our events team and friends of the business owners who can help and so therefore we have a short time lapse in place from pick up to drop off. If you are out at the time of delivery  and have left no instructions with us, we will not leave your order by your door as this is a frozen product.

Our team will remain vigilant when delivering and they will ring or knock at your door and drop the order there for you to pick up from the drop point.   No contact will be necessary.    

Can we collect from your kitchen shop?

Yes. You can.  We would prefer that you do so if you can and we recommend that you do this if you have specific delivery requirements such as a set time which we cannot commit to.  Please be aware that our kitchen closes by 2.00pm on Friday unless you have arranged a collection later. 

Collection times can be arranged with you but we currently offer: 10:00am- 1.30pm each Friday.

Can I set up a trade or corporate account?

Yes. Please email us at attention: Gillian Botte

 Do you only provide individual freezer meals?

At present, yes. This is something we will be updating and we will be providing family size meals for some of the main freezer meal items from July 2020.    You will, therefore, be able to buy both individual & family size meals from some of the freezer meal menu available.

Are your prices inclusive of VAT?

This service is not currently VAT registered, so no VAT is charged.

Do you provide Vegan freezer meals?

Our catering division for events does and we have not yet added vegan meals to this service.  We will do so in the near future.

If we have an issue with an order who should we call?

If this happens, you should call our mainline number and, or, email 

Do you provide instructions for recooking/reheating the freezer foods?

Yes, you will find this on top of each freezer meal. In special circumstances, we will provide you with additional information when required.

Do you show allergens and calories for each meal?

We provide allergens on the ingredients' information onto each freezer meal for you.  If you have a serious allergy to any food groups, you should always check with us before ordering as our kitchen is not nut-free.

We do not show calories on our freezer meals.

Do you cater for special diets?

The event catering business division will do for you on request. Please contact us on the email address provided with any specific requests. 

Is there a minimum order value?

Yes.  This is set to £30.00 and can be made up of anything on our website. 

If we want to place an order for a special occasion such as a party, do you provide this service?

You can email us or call 01483 608151 to discuss this.  We cater for parties and celebrations all the time and this service is subject to date availability. 


  1. Use our simple system for ordering whilst social distancing for the delivery service.  We are still here for you during the COVID-19 pandemic, delivering catering as well as offering Essentials Boxes to customers who are in need of this.
  2. Buy online but spend min of £30.00.
  3. Drop-off party catering is available on request. 
  4. Corporate drop off meals:  please get in touch if you are preparing to return to work and need a 'socially distanced' catering option.

Stay safe! Gillian & Jane

YOUR DATA:  We are continuously developing this service and will add you to our mailing list so you can receive updates.

MAILING LIST: We have regular updates to our food and this service so if we have not emailed these to you please advise about this.   We will add you to our database automatically and you can unsubscribe at any time.

What is your company trading address and name?

Coal Yard Kitchen Pantry is owned by Gillian Botte & Jane Carnall as part of the partnership business Botte Carnall Partnership. 

Email any other queries to